Our Commitment

BET9手机app, our approach to privacy and data protection begins with our values: we are committed to doing the right thing, 因为正确的原因, all the time. 

道德方法. BET9手机app尊重个人隐私,重视员工的信任, customers, 供应商和其他与BET9手机app有业务往来的人. BET9手机app致力于收藏, use, disclose and otherwise process personal data in a manner consistent with the laws of the countries in which we do business, BET9手机app为在业务实践中坚持最高的道德标准而感到自豪. BET9手机app已经实施了技术和组织措施来保护BET9手机app可能收集的任何信息.


BET9手机app及其附属公司(集体, “BET9手机app,” “we,” “us,“BET9手机app的”)负责本网站, 包括其移动版本和指定的移动应用程序. This 网站和移动应用程序隐私声明 (the “Notice”) describes how we handle personal data we collect and use while you are accessing our website at本公司“网站”), BET9手机app拥有或运营的任何其他网站, 或引用本通知的移动应用程序, 除非BET9手机app为特定网站或移动应用程序实现了单独的隐私通知. Certain International Paper websites and mobile applications may provide additional details about our privacy practices that are specific to those sites. Internal company policies and procedures govern our internal networks and systems and the processing of personal employee information.


International Paper does have a separate privacy notice for job applicants that is in the “Careers” section of our Website.  如果你通过网站上的招聘部分申请工作, BET9手机app将按照“申请人资料私隐通知”中所列的方式使用您的个人资料.


Online. We may collect and process your personal data when you contact us using the “Contact Us” form on the Website, 或者当你通过电话与BET9手机app通信时, 电子邮件或其他方式, 与本网站有关. 这些数据包括你在购买时提供的信息, 报告问题, participating in online surveys or in other instances where you provide us with information 与本网站有关. 例如,它可能包括您的姓名、邮政地址和电子邮件地址.  

Offline. BET9手机app也可能在线下收到您的个人信息, 比如当你参观BET9手机app公司的时候, 参加BET9手机app的活动, 通过电话下单或联系客服. BET9手机app也可能从其他来源(如公共数据库)收到有关您的个人信息.


In addition, we automatically collect basic technical information from all Website users – such as your IP address – through our automatic data collection tools, 包括饼干. 有关更多信息,请参阅BET9手机app的cookie政策.


BET9手机app可能需要您的个人数据以履行与您的合同关系, 遵守法律义务, 或者是为了追求合法的利益, to:

  • 回复查询并满足您的要求,例如当您要求BET9手机app向您发送产品信息时;
  • 向您发送管理信息,如BET9手机app条款的信息更改, 条件和政策;
  • 提供投资者服务;
  • 与您沟通有关BET9手机app的产品、服务和活动;
  • 支持BET9手机app全部或部分业务或资产的出售或转让;
  • Review and evaluate your use of (or your decision not to use) our products and services in order to develop and improve the quality of our offerings and strengthen our relationship with you and our other existing and potential customers;
  • 达到一定的商业目的, 比如数据分析, audits, 新产品开发, 识别使用趋势并确定促销活动的效果;
  • 个性化您对网站的访问,并在您使用时为您提供帮助;
  • 预防和发现欺诈行为;
  • 遵守适用的法律、法规或业务守则.

除非用于支持与您的合同或履行法律义务, 您的个人信息只会用于上述合法目的.


业务关系. BET9手机app可能会与BET9手机app的关联公司分享您的个人信息. BET9手机app也可以使用选定的第三方为BET9手机app提供服务, including: companies that provide technical support and assistance with the Website; companies engaged to market and distribute our products; or companies that assist with our internal recruitment, 谁可查阅你向BET9手机app提供的个人资料. BET9手机app的关联公司也可能有权查阅您提供给BET9手机app的个人资料, 包括通过本网站或与本网站有关,以达到本通知所述的目的.

Legal purposes. 用于本网站运营的服务器会自动通过IP地址识别计算机.  If we, in good faith, 确定您已经或正试图滥用或损害本网站, we may investigate and cooperate with appropriate 执法机构 to protect our rights or property. Similarly, BET9手机app可能会在法律规定或允许的情况下分享您的个人资料, including to fulfill a legal or regulatory obligation or otherwise to comply with a subpoena or similar legal process or government request. We may also share it when we believe in good faith that disclosure is legally required or otherwise necessary to protect our rights and property or the rights, 他人的财产或安全. In such cases, BET9手机app可以和顾问分享, 执法机构, 司法当局和监管当局. 

Acquisitions. We may also transfer your personal data to a third party that acquires all or part of our assets or shares, 或继承BET9手机app全部或部分业务的人, 还是通过合并, acquisition, 重组或其他.


本网站可能包含BET9手机app不控制的其他网站的链接. BET9手机app尽一切努力只链接到分享BET9手机app的高标准和尊重隐私的网站.  However, 的内容BET9手机app概不负责, 或者是, those sites.


BET9手机app是一家全球性公司,在许多不同的国家设有办事处. Therefore, we may transfer your information from one legal entity to another or from one country to another in order to accomplish the purposes listed above. 这些国家包括美国(网站的主办国), 欧盟成员国, Canada, 巴西和其他国家,包括一些亚洲国家. We will transfer your information in a manner that is consistent with applicable legal requirements and for the purposes stated above. 完成个人信息跨境合法转移, International Paper relies on standard contractual clauses and other mechanisms permitted under applicable data protection laws and regulations.


International Paper will retain personal information as long as needed to comply with our contractual and legal or regulatory obligations. 如果个人信息不受合同或法律义务的约束, then International Paper will only retain the data for as long as is required for the original purpose for which it was collected or as permitted under the applicable data protection laws and regulations. BET9手机app也可能保留匿名数据用于统计目的, 以及理解和改进BET9手机app的招聘实践.


您有权选择是否向BET9手机app提供您的个人信息, 但如果你选择不这么做, International Paper may not be able to perform activities such as considering you for employment or providing information about our products.

欧洲和巴西用户. 欧洲和巴西的个人拥有某些数据隐私权,其中包括: 

  • 请求确认存在加工活动;
  • 在法律允许的情况下要求查阅他们的个人资料; 
  • 要求改正或删除其个人资料;
  • 在法律授权的特定情况下, 获得加工限制, 寻求匿名化或反对处理其个人资料; 
  • Obtain information regarding potential transfer of personal data to either affiliated companies or selected third parties;
  • 要求BET9手机app以数字格式向他们或第三方提供其个人资料的副本. 

如阁下欲行使上述任何一项权利,请将阁下的要求电邮至 Individuals in Europe and Brazil also have the right to lodge a complaint about the processing of their personal data with their local data protection authority, 也可以称为监管机构.


International Paper takes reasonable and appropriate precautions to protect personal data in our possession from loss, misuse, 未经授权的访问, disclosure, 改造和破坏, 并对误用做出回应, 丢失或未经授权使用此类数据.


您应自行负责遵守所有当地法律, 有关网上行为和网站访问的规章制度. 当你在欧洲时, 收集你的个人资料, 包括通过网站, will be transferred to recipients in countries located outside Europe (including the United States where this Website is hosted), which do not provide a similar or adequate level of protection compared to that provided by European countries. 您在此明确同意将您的个人资料转移给收件人, 如本通知所述, 在欧洲以外的地方. BET9手机app将通过签订示范合同,按照法律要求转移您的数据, as necessary.


International Paper does not knowingly collect any data from children under 13 years of age through the Website. BET9手机app会特别提醒13岁以下的儿童不要提交此类信息. We do not currently allow children under 13 to register for or participate in contests or promotions on the Website. However, if the parent or guardian of a child under 13 believes his or her child has provided us with personal data and wants it deleted, 该家长或监护人应BET9手机app将其从BET9手机app的系统中删除. If International Paper discovers we have personal data about a child under 13 in retrievable form in our files, BET9手机app会删除它. In addition, anyone under 18 years of age should get the permission of a parent or guardian prior to using or disclosing any personal data on the Website.





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Renato Batalha,数据隐私官-巴西
Email: or


We evaluate our privacy policies and procedures to implement improvements and refinements from time to time. 如果BET9手机app对本通知作重大更改, BET9手机app将在变更生效前在网站上以显著位置通知的方式通知您. 本通知亦为本网站条款及条件的一部分.